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Questions and answers about the Calvin portal

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Welcome to johannes-calvin.org, the leading information portal on John Calvin (1509-1564).

The portal was founded in 2009 to mark the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth and launched as part of the calvin09.org domain. Sponsored by the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) and run by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC), the site served in 2009 as a global platform for information, education, and events in German, French, English, and Spanish – receiving roughly one million hits from 180 different countries.

The website’s success encouraged its operators to continue it beyond the Calvin anniversary year. The sections for each language have now begun to be operated separately in different countries and are thus no longer all identical. Each will now be developed in its own way (see addresses below).

The organizations involved will, however, continue to strive to provide you, the readers, with high-quality articles on John Calvin’s life and work, and to maintain the status of johannes-calvin.org as the leading and most up-to-date portal devoted to the prominent Reformation figure. Academic experts provide support for each of the individual-language sites.

Please feel free to address your questions and suggestions to:

English – john-calvin.org
Presbyterian Church USA
Theology, Worship and Education
Joseph D. Small, Director
George Whiley, Coordinator
 Witherspoon Street

Deutsch – johannes-calvin.org
Reformierter Bund Deutschland
Georg Rieger

Français – jean-calvin.org
Fédération des Eglises Protestantes de Suisse FEPS
Case postale


Espagnol – juan-calvino.org
Prof. Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz

Portugues - joao-calvino.org
Seminario teológico de São Paulo
Rev. Prof. Eduardo Galasso Faria
Rua Santo André