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Calvin Congregational Study Pak
The Box includes:
  • Five copies of John Calvin: Reformer for the 21st Century by William Stacy Johnson
  • One DVD His Life & Legacy 60-minute DVD
  • One copy of Calvin Looks Forward by Kelly Rider
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calvin09 miniexpo: Blessed Calvin!
To mark the calvin09 Jubilee, acquaint your parish with this “Blessed Calvin!”, the excellent chance to visit the mini-exhibition made up of 20 thematic small posters which will unfold the 500 years of the influence of the great Reformer for them.

Visit the miniexpo

Interactive exhibition
French churches abroad – Calvin understood and misunderstood.


Calvin postage stamps from all over the world
One man - many stamps. Stamps in honour of Calvin have been issued in a number of countries, which are now bearing the Reformer's image all over the world from door to door. You will find a list of these stamps here.

View stamps

John Calvin: His Life and Legacy
Witherspoon Press

In celebration of Calvin’s birthday, Witherspoon Press and the Theology Worship and Education ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) present a DVD on the life and legacy of John Calvin.

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Jean Calvin – To God alone the glory
Konrad Schmid
60 min DVD, SCM Hänssler

A comprehensive biographical portrait of the life, faith and activity of this important Reformer.

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Jean Calvin: Un portrait sensible
Caroline Reussner
138 min DVD, Méromedia

This DVD contains:
  • Caroline Reussner's film, distributed by Présence Protestante – France 2 (58 minutes)
  • Further information: 12 key words for getting to know the Reformer and his work (80 minutes): Vocation, Providence, Double Predestination, Transcendence, the Bible, Reformer, Politics, Geneva, Michael Servetus, France, Writer, Freedom.
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A walking guide
Geneva was and is Calvin’s city. For more than twenty years of his life Jean Calvin worked as a reformer of the city republic. Today many places in the city still bear witness to Calvin’s activity.

You can discover the stages of Calvin’s Reformation in Geneva here.